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Your Reliability Rating explained



  • Shawna Barnes

    Nee to change PayPal email where do I go to do that?

  • Shawna Barnes

    When you request payment you will go to payment center at which point you have an opportunity to input your PayPal information.


  • Angel Collins

    For the ratings, specifically "reliability", it's says it will decrease over time if no visits are completed, I'm assuming that means if we haven't requested assignments in awhile but I'm hoping there are some things taken into account. Like if there haven't been any in our area, not our fault. If we have requested ones that weren't on a waiting list but they were given to someone else for some unknown reason. Really ratings shouldn't decrease because of lack of doing work, it's not like we are employees refusing to do the work, its an independent contracting business and most independent contractors work for multiple companies and shouldn't get a bad rating for not doing work for one company. Jobs one company might have might not fit into the schedule or route of what the contractor already has scheduled, as long as they are checking the jobs then it's not for a lack of trying. My rating is so wrong, when I saw it I had no words, I'm in complete disbelief considering everything I have done and how much I have gone out of my way. Also, when a contractor requests jobs not on a waiting list but those stores are given to someone else, for reason to which some don't make sense, multiple times that causes a contractor to draw back how much they are willing to help out. There are only so many times a contractor wants to feel rejected. Not being nasty just stating my thoughts and opinions on the rules of ratings and how contractors are rated.


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