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  • Angel Collins

    For the 4.21 update, for the "I'd prefer to do projects" question in the scheduling section there should be an "anytime", "doesn't matter" or "depends on the day" or something like that option. I don't have a preference but sometimes what day of the week it is and/or what's going on that week that can effect when I can get started but in reality it doesn't matter. If I request a project and it can't be started until 4pm (clients' request) then that's when I'm starting the project. If time specifics are in the job description someone reads before requesting the job then there shouldn't be any issues since that let's Everyone know ahead of time so if they can't or don't want to work at that time then they have no need to request that job.

  • Pat B

    What does it mean when an orange rectangle appears on the map that says the are 13 hidden projects. I tried to press the question mark but it do anything? Thank you for your help

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