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My password doesn't work!



  • John Henry Hill

    I'm good.

  • Noel Mask


  • Jose Castro Jr

    I can't login because I forgot my password

  • Lisa Bernknopf

    It never works! I still can't get in. I've tried several times I don't get a link to reset my password I did check spam as well. Frustrating

  • aleahcoolio

    Lisa, experiencing the same.

  • Smileyedl

    After entering in all possible passwords that it might be which is only a few different ones that it could be i then click the forgot my password button and select the method to receive the reset password link. I had 1st selected email and checked my email inbox as well as spam folder like it said to do and nothing was sent i refreshed a few times as well and nothing i waited a few more minutes just to make sure.i then went back to the app and double checked my email to see if i entered it correctly and that there were no errors and there wasn't then i decided to approach a different way and select receiving it via text and an error message popped up saying that my password could not be reset at this time. So i don't know im confused. Oh and this is not the only day this has happened to me since i downloaded the app i have not been able to access anything or get further than the login page. Im thinking that maybe im gonna have to just delete the app entirely and then try re downloading it? Maybe?


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