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What kinds of projects do you offer?



  • Mike Castro

    For certain jobs like Resets, Restocking or Merchandising, do we need tools of our own like a box cutter or a step stool to help us in our work?

  • Tracey Kahana

    I am having a problem with the driving licence photo..What shall I do??

  • Anthony Arzola

    Go into your App Store on your smart phone and download the app called survey retail :) log in and have at it!

  • Cordizzle Schultz

    How soon can u start

  • Matt Hendo

    I have worked for a company name resource plus, and we went all over the country doing resets in Lowe's stores. I loved it, they flew us most if the time and we got perdium an hotel rooms plus pay. Do you guys offer that.

  • Project Team

    No, we don't offer online (or mobile) surveys. We connect you with local retail services gigs. You get to choose the ones you want, then go to the store, complete the work, and get paid. Thanks

  • keith allen

    So how do I get a project

  • Emily Muchnick

    You have to start somewhere. You do alot of the little paying ones first to get your name out there and show them your work ethic and then you will start to get more that pay $80/$90 for 4 hours.

  • Tahoni Thompson


  • Michelle Gleghorn

    Why is pay so little??

  • Rachel Moore

    Surveys helllo Project Team I’m excited 🤟🏼

  • Richana Perez

    Do you offer online surveys?

  • Estela Herrera

    How do I access the app on my phone to start looking for assignments?

    Estela H

  • Michelle Gleghorn

    Do you pay milage...gas.. The jobscare pretty low paying doesn't look like the pay helps with milage or gas??


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